I Have been producing hundreds of videos exposing the symbolism, art, monuments, memorials throughout major cities in Europe but you’ll also get rare glimpses into the backyards of mansions. Some of his visual work reveals hidden courtyards festooned with bloodline crests and occultist artwork. As you may have guessed, producing and uploading this level of high quality video exposing the secret Swiss aristocracy and the real connections with the global banking system has come at a high price. I have been a political prisoner in Switzerland, i was tortured while in prison and has been homeless for two years.

. . . and Pharaoh said, this will be our red and white neutral territory of the Red and the White House lineage, where we will never make war, because it will be our base, where we will hide all our precious goods as in the old times of the pyramids; the centre of power will be there through all ngo’s, banks and Swiss Octogon Nazi Templars . . .

Most of us are subjugated into a modern slave system but with a vague reference to the power structures using terms such as bankers or elites. I bring a tighter focus on those terms through his research exposing the world’s most dangerous mafia, the Pharistocracy. We are their slaves, and they rule the world. Their base is Switzerland. According to my research, the last stronghold of the Templars fell on May 18th, 1291, two months later Switzerland was founded. The Templar treasure was hidden in Switzerland, through which the Swiss banks were founded and all subsequent and future wars financed. I also point out that the families currently in places of control within the Swiss banking system’s upper tiers have bloodline connections to ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. Hence my use of the term Pharistocracy.